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They say on their Fanpage they have technical difficulties. Yeah, right. I actually experienced the worst problem with Ensogo! When I called and emailed them to give them our preferred travel arrangements, they gave me the assurance that everything was ironed out already and all I have to do is to wait for our e-tickets which will be issued 3 WEEKS BEFORE departure date.

Here is their reply:. Aplogies for the delay. Rest assured that booking is already confirmed and guaranted. I trusted that everything is still fine as per their assurance. I made another follow up and this is what they said:. Rest assured that your booking is already confirmed and guaranteed. We will get back to you immediately once we have an update regarding your e-ticket. As mentioned on our previous e-mail, we will e-mail the e-ticket within the week. We already made the follow up and we are just waiting for their reply. True enough, my call was answered in almost an instant and I told her my problem and she was able to direct me to the person whom I really need to talk to to address my problem.

Your return flight to manila remains the same. Your disneyland tour will be move on 2nd day instead of day 1. Please advise. We are 10 that were supposed to make the trip and how in the hell are we going to find alternative option in a span of 1 WEEK? What made everything worst is that they just advised us the said changes 1 WEEK prior to our trip. Not to mention the dissapointment of my family, my kids in particular. Oh, and 1 last thing…. They offered an apology on their FB page but the gist is they are blaming customers for not understanding the deals.

They blocked me 3x already from their fb page but have yet given me my refund for the Pisobid fiasco. We are currently experiencing a high volume of mails, thus resulting the delay. We have forwarded your concern to the Shipping Team. You should be receiving the item early next week. For this, we will have you refunded.

We would like to give you an option to either have your refund processed by either receiving CashCashBucks credits or through your credit card. As soon as we have your details for the refund, rest assured that we will have it processed in 8 working days together with Php credits.

Buyanihan is my first group coupons site i tested and by far its official and have CSR only during working hours of the day — 9am-6pm. I had a bad experience din sa save on pinoy naman. Tavel package din hindi nila pinapadala yung mga eticket at hotel confirmation kahit super advance reservation yung ginawa ko tapos last minute bigla nilang sasabihin na may problema at magrerefund nalang sila. Ito ang idea ko para maturuan ng leksyon yang mga group buying site na abusado: Since nang bblocked sila pag nag cocomment ka ng masama sa Facebook page nila, bakit hindi tayo gumawa ng facebook page about sa horror na naranasan natin with them?

Hanggat hindi tayo nagtutulong tulong aabusuhin lang tayo ng mga yan atsaka halos lahat ng mga group buying site foreigner ang owner! Anong tingin nila sa ating mga pinoy? Please add BestDeal. They give credits and get a chance to win an IPhone4S for the raffle promo.

This is very helpful, thankyou! Beeconomic is a big scam. We also found out that this 8PM show has long been moved in lieu of 2 Cellos also from this Marco Aventado and nobody from your office even informed us! Sa Ensogo nakakatempt bumili kaso when you look on their FB page sobrang daming complaints nakakatakot tuloy bumili sa Ensogo kahit na madami silang magagandang deals. They will not give you any refund if the merchant cannot provide the service that you paid for in advance.

No contact number listed on the web. Email support is very rude. Metrodeal is flawed. Nakita ko sa SM parehas na parehas lang. O kaya yung samurai umbrella from daw, eh meron akong kakilala online seller lang naman.. Free delivery pa. Kelangan lang talaga magresearch sa kung anong sulit at ano hindi. I would like to inform you that Localroam. We encourage all your followers to come and visit the site. I have been told that it will focus on deals in Makati area. Must try ung truffles sa GUPO ngayon..

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I have yet to try MyDeluxeCity. Though nag-click ako ng buy dun sa BBCream deal, kaninang umaga pa-expire na yung deal. Tapos ngayon 1day 10hours nanaman to go. Beware of Metrodeal! And ang retail price sa boutique was the same price offered sa deal. I am requesting for a refund and will file a complain with DTI and bureau of Customs. I bought a few items from them in fact, even endorsed by a friend from the US and every time, they are very helpful, courteous in all my queries.

I just wish they have more deals to offer and that they grow bigger in their territory. Beware of Ensogo, their Mt. Pinatubo deal is a scam, even their fanpage is flooded with complaints. My friend was unlucky enough to buy the deal and blogged about it here:. I will never buy from Ensogo again, in fact my friend just filed a DTI case against them, Ensogo is the master of deceiving advertising.

I also had a bad experience with metrodeal. I purchased 2 vouchers last year pero ngkamali kasi ako sa branch na naselect ko. I emailed them kung possible ba na mapalitan ung branch kung saan ko iaavail ung service pero kahit ilang beses ako ng follow up wala man lang reply kahit isa.

I am one of the online shopper when it comes in promos. But one thing I appreciated in group buying sites. I encountered problem in buying their promos, and know what I love with them? They will not stop till your problem is over. Definitely will recommend it to everyone I know! Im surprised that Metrodeal and Ensogo are now scammers. Last year I was loving their service cause every purchase was hassle free and satisfactory. I am looking at their deals and planning to buy again from this sites when I read negative comments here. Thanks for the comments guys.

You save me from buying travel deals from this scammers. Hi ya! Regarding other sites, okay naman experiences ko before with cash cash, metrodeal and ensogo. So far, mukang okay pa rin sa groupon. Selling: Ensogo voucher — St. Pacific link travel and tours on eBay Kuponan is a scam! I had in the past availed of 3 deals from ebay-kuponan all were items and not service packages and so far, okay naman ang resulta. I am quite happy with the items I bought. And I now make it a point to visit their site daily for new and exciting deals.

What the… they sell fake watches? I am really surprised that they are still in business. Supposedly CashCashPinoy is owned by a self-centered French egomaniac. Too bad, these foreigners think they can do what they want in our country. I never thought CashCashPinoy would turn out to be such a scam, they had a good start and now this. We contacted the merchant and was promised to get the bag on the Week of March 19, but we never heard from them — and never replied to our succeeding messages.

We contacted the Support via email and via chat but it seems that they do not have logs on conversations, as I had to repeat our concerns and we were told that the Account Manager will get back to us no one did. We took advantage of one of their travel deals last February and right then and there we called Trip Toe Travels to make a reservation with them. Miss Lea of Trip Toe Travels instructed us to email her our details including our preferred travel schedule.

Lea and I both agreed that our travel schedule would be on April , and she told us to wait for some time for the verification of our voucher. We waited until middle of March but we still did not hear anything from Ms. Like, they were still validating our voucher from Cleverbuy, they were still waiting for the response of an airline, they were still on tour, there was a death in her family, etc. I asked Ms.

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Lea about the location of their office and she said it was in Katipunan. I made a research about their company and I was brought to their official website www. It is also the same address posted in the website of Cleverbuy. We ventured there and found out that it was closed for quite some time already. I called the manager of the agency and she said that Ms.

Lea is not directly connected to their company because the agency in Katipunan is only a partner agency of Trip Toe Travel and Tours. We tried to relay the issue to Cleverbuy and I was promised that they will do their best to try to contact the travel agency for us. I was also instructed to email them the details of the problem which I promptly did. However, it was only a week after when they replied to me, ONLY when I emailed them again asking for any progress of the issue. Had I not sent them an email again, I would probably still be waiting in vain til now.

April 9 has passed and until now Ms. Wednesday of last week, I was fortunately able to talk to Ms. Lea after several days of ignoring us. She told us that everything was ok, that our travel schedule would be on April She promised that she would send me the details of our flight on April 9 which was yesterday but she did not send us any.

She sent me a text message and said that she would email us today at 8am and obviously, no email from her was sent to us. It is so easy for them to take the payment of their clients but it is too difficult for them to address our cOncerns and cater to our needs. Trip Toe Travels is a scam!

David Jocson — the best in scamming people and being unresponsive after repeated attempts to resolve the issue in a civilized manner? Thank you for including Cuponz in your list. However, please be informed that we are still active. Please put up in the active list. I really regretted I bought from them before. I have learned my lesson. I have bad experienced with cash cash. Me and my friend purchased brownies unlimited, we get 5 vouchers but 2 of them are not in the list of the merchant.

Thank you so much for recommending our site and we hope you like our new interface! Please be assured that we are working hard to give you the best service we can offer. If you have any concerns, please email us at support cashcashpinoy. I highly recommend TCAT. I recently purchased from them and they even call you to verify your credit card transaction. Very secured and friendly customer service. They are starting really well! Sana di sila magaya sa ibang deal sites na sa umpisa lang maayos ang systema.

Good day! Gusto ko lang ipaalam sa inyo ang naging experience nmin sa CleverBuy at yung kasabwat nilang travel agency na J2 Travel and Tours sa Makati. We availed of their Coron deal early January this year, paid by credit card and went to them personally para i-submit yung vouchers. We were assured na tatawagan nila kami for our booking details pero hindi ito kailanman nangyari. After three months, sinadya na nmin sila kase duda na kmi sa deal. Bumalik kmi sa kanila April 26, hinahanap nmin yung Ms. Ross na booking officer dw for Coron. Wala daw, on leave.

We asked to see our vouchers and when we saw it, the front liner named Marge assured us na booked na kmi sa Darayonan Lodge. Special flight pa dw kami, 62 kaming passengers via Royal Air daw, aeroplano dw ni Willie Revillame. Hintayin nlang dw nmin ang e-tickets na ipapadala sa email last day of April. In short, hindi ito nangyari, hanggang sa kanina, May 2, pumunta na naman kmi doon only to be told na cancelled yung lahat ng flights nila from May 5 to 28 because they were having problems doon sa air carriers na ka-deal nila, they overbooked daw so many of their trip deals, may problema sa eroplano, kasyo walang insurance, hindi dw nacoordinate ng maayos ng J2 staff, ifa-fire na dw mga staff nila, at kung ano ano pang kasinugalingan.

Ang dami naming nakasabay na nagrereklamo, pare pareho kaming galit sa J2. Ang pinakamasaklap, ayaw humarap nung may ari ng J2 smin, the people who kept making excuses were from CleverBuy and CleverTravel. Hindi tuloy namin alam kung magkakasabwat sila kase kung ikaw ba naman may ka-tie up kang travel agency tapos ganun, palpak, hindi ba magagalit ka din? They were not even remorseful of the fact that pinerwisyo nila mga taong bumili sa kanila. Walang permit to operate. Kaya please, if you can help spread the word around, please do.

Even after all the reklamo, they remain indifferent to the people that complain. Dinadaan nalang nila sa refund. Pero paano naman yung oras at panahon na sinasayang nila? Wala silang isang salita. We would like to express our sincerest apology regarding the problems that you have encountered with our recent deals specifically with our travel deals. Aside from being our business partners, CleverBuy is not directly connected with these travel agencies.

But we assure our customers that we will assist our merchants and those who have been affected with the aforementioned circumstances. We are now in contact with our merchant and making our move on how we can help to iron out the problems. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience these proceedings have caused you.

We assure you that we will be more careful next time in choosing our partner merchants. We pledge not to run away from our responsibilities to our valued CleverBuyers, but we are asking for sobriety, understanding and more patience in this trying time. It is never easy for us to receive complaints from our customers for the unsatisfactory services rendered by our partner merchants since we are just their marketing arm but nevertheless, we will take responsibility to be the bridge between our merchants and our customers.

It has always been our pleasure to serve you. Thus, we are looking forward to continue serving you in the future. If there are any other concerns that you would like to address, please feel free to call us at 02 We would be more than willing to accommodate them.

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Thank you very much and have a nice day. I have decided to be the bigger person, appreciate that my husband tried to surprise me that gift and accept the FAKE bag because I know it came from him. The fact that I had to repeat myself over and over again everytime I contact your support team is unacceptable! And yes there are times that your Chat Support would be responsive at the start of the Session but would become unresponsive as soon as I mention Longchamp. Allow me to correct you on your claim that Cleverbuy is not affiliated with J2 Travel and Tours, the agency responsible for many travel deals gone south.

A photo of this document is now being circulated all over Facebook and Twitter. So please STOP lying. No wonder your company is under attack. And stop making lame excuses you are not dealing with stupid people here. Just so you know, in the Coron deal alone that CleverBuy and J2 Travel and Tours offered and failed to honor, people repeatedly confirmed to fly on May and were cheated of their time and money.

Add to this number those who availed of their Boracay and Puerto Princesa deals for May that were also not attended to. These deals were posted from Dec to early Jan J2 Travel and Tours had 3 months to do what they needed to do if they had an organized booking and communication system or were being led by a competent owner.

http://argo-karaganda.kz/scripts/cycikibot/2329.php CleverBuy and J2 both took more than they could handle given their logistics and experience. The real issue here is to have them account for their unprofessionalism and force them to work double time at the refund process. You have no stake in this issue unless you are from J2 or CleverBuy.

You sure sound suspiciously like one. Seriously, is it that hard to comprehend that? God bless you MOMO. Hi Sassy, kindly scroll up, read through, at least try to comprehend the thread before you comment. I thank you, bow. Pero sige para di ka na mahirapan, hayaan mong ipaliwanag ko sa iyo ng mabukas ang iyong kaisipan sa mga bagay-bagay na nagaganap sa iyong kapaligiran.

Ganito kasi yun, sabi mo buti pa nga si clever buy hinaharap kami? Marami akong nakitang ganun. Laganap ang scam at kapag nabiktima ka, parang lumalabas ikaw pa masama. We should watch out for this. Hello, I just would like to comment about certain tours being offered in any group buying site specially Palawan. I am not taking sides about who made mistakes or who should be blamed about bought vouchers but this is the scenario. Coupon buyers or not, suddenly , these past two months, it was really crazy having having too many visitors that even adding up flights until nightime is not sufficient.

The real problem is , no one could immediately go to the Underground River on the day that they arrive in Puerto. Nowadays, you should walk-in personally at the booking office of the Underground River in Puerto Princesa and wait in line to be given a permit to enter the cave that includes boat fee that will actually bring you inside the cave. That is , if they are not fully-booked for the day. Computerized reservations will start in June DAW! I am not sure if most deals include ALL fees just to see the place and even if they are, what is even more surprising is that there are not enough boats, you have to wait for your turn and it can be like hours waiting.

Kaya kapag na-palpak ang balak ng gustong bumisita sa Palawan, wala agad mai-reply ang travel agent ni ang group buyer kasi wala talaga silang alam sa sitwasyon. We have the Tabon Caves, Arena Island and Rasa Island the first one is a sea turtle sanctuary and the other is a conservation center for the Philippine cockatoo and other migratory birds , Estrella falls, San Isidro hot springs and so on. Hopefully , these places will also be visited by many because they are also worth seeing. One site that I would recommend is Deals Di Ba.. I bought a salon deal from them and the coupon did not arrive.

I called them and they were polite, helpful and could not do enough to assist. They issued me a new coupon immediately, only for me to find that the coupon had gone to my junk folder and I now has 2…Duh… Unfortunately only one was valid… Thanks Dealsdiba…. Very accommodating staff. Transaction was smooth. I wish all deal sites would treat customers like they did.

Ang dami-dami ng lumilitaw na deal sites, pero ingat lang guys sa pagpurchase. Ako never ko pa na-try bumili ng deal na lalagpas ng P2k. Nakakatakot kasi lalo na sa mga travel deals. Mas okay pa ata mag-d. Di maganada sa Cleverbuy. If they really aim for the best they wont commit to the same mistakes. Aba eh two months na ako nagfofollow up tungkol sa airfare accommodation para sa Boracay wala pa ring update! Sabi pa sa akin nung isang agent inuuna lang nila yung mga papalais na. Wala namang problema kung unahin nila yun eh. Abay dapat asikasuhin din naman yung mga cutomers na gusto na ng early confirmation.

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My goodness never would i buy again. At yun pa ang nakakainis total of 47 na yung nabayaran. Bayad na tapos ayaw pa akming asikasuhin. Sir Fitz, I would just like to ask if you are aware that CleverBuy has closed, that they are no longer holding office in Makati and are not answering calls anymore as well?

Would you be in any position to help those who only want to get a refund of the payments they made in good faith to CleverBuy and J2 Travel and Tours? Thank you so much. Got this information from his business card. Maybe this helps some people to get in touch with some higher authority at CleverBuy. Hi sanee, sorry for not updating this list more often. I was instructed to refund payment from Metrodeal…. Too bad, they seemed ok before, but now has become fraudulent.

Annie, what mode of payment did you took? I got my refund from Metrodeal after more than a month, although its just P as compared with the others with cleverbuy prob. However, when i was about to pay for it, they are charging me an additional fee for the delivery. When I questioned this matter on their FB post, the deal immediately ended, and the price was changed to a higher price, with the delivery charge incorporated. Its not really about the minimal delivery charge, its more of the matter of Merchant — Customer relationship, wherein Honesty is among the most important thing to consider.

Does anyone know where to lodge a complaint regarding group buying sites? Voucher Addict…true enough. The qualities of the items sold are really of low quality most of the time. One is being fooled by the great pictures and yet upon getting the item, you will be disappointed.

So, buyers should be very smart in choosing what to buy, where to buy Group buying site and when to pay Or else, your hard earned money will go down the drain. I have purchased some things from OkayOkay, Cash Cash Pinoy and Metrodeal, but i stopped…bcoz mainly of the quality, though i never got any problem with their delivery and after sales service. Learned my lessons…. Bottom line…. We thought we are getting good deals, great discounts…. The products featured on CashCashPinoy are not from Divisoria. We work with several trusted merchants and suppliers to offer deals in our site.

Also, we are not in any way, connected to any black market. No boss, employee, nor staff are involved in any black market trading whether in Divisoria or any place else. CashCashPinoy is legitimate, we have complete Philippine Government Licences to prove our legitimacy. So far so good: DealGrocer — not much discount but very accommodating, true to their word, great service! Nakakatakot na. Pinaghirapan natin mga pinambibili natin sa mga sites na ito, kaya doble ingat po mga kababayan. Unsugarcoatedreviews: Kakabasa ko lang ng Cleverbuy case, nakakalungkot.

Sana malutasan at balikan ng hustisya yung si Christian Bayer. Kung totoo man, kawawa naman din si Edgardo Garcia, sa edad nyang yun aakuin pa nya yung kasalanan ng isang walang modong foreigner. They treat clients like…. We bought one deal on Metrodeal, and impossible to book, despite 5 different dates!!! These people of indochina are extremely rude. I have already a DTI case, and they advised me to go legal! You see?? I know that Metrodeal have a low reputation, but they should choice their travel partner more wisely.

We are now back on track. Hi Guys! Have a Great Day and GodBless! I purchased recently their Ace Water Spa deal. On the website it says the voucher is not valid on holidays, not a word mentioned of Sundays. And they want to make me believe that Sunday is a holiday and thus the voucher is not valid on Sundays? I knew already that they have one of the worst reputation of all group buying sites in the Philippines, but this is a new all-time low. Hi, Bilibdeals just launched two weeks ago. I have been using the same credit card card in purchasing any merchandise in CashCashPinoy!

This is the 1st time that this happened to me. All the while I thought that CashCashPinoy was different from the rest of the group buying sites in terms of the quality in their customer service or support! Who would you expect to process the tedious and long list of the requirements you quoted in your email?!? Almost impossible to complete for someone who has work for a 48hrs deadline!!!

This is too much for your customers! Ph believes in the value of honest to goodness business, and strives in doing what feels good and fun for everyone,. Recently we have focused in having more variety of deals. Due to recent issues with other Group Buying Sites, we, too, are concerned with your security and recommend open transactions upon purchasing deals. Feel free to call us on our trunkline for any inquiries before purchasing. Ngayon ko lang nakita na free delivery, fast priority shipping, at hassle-free returns DAW sa cashcashpinoy.

ANy feedbacks?

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Are these for real? No-turn off ako sa CCP kasi sa mga pinagloloko nilang deals at may mga nabibiktima ring merchants. Andee, we were a merchant of CCP, at first it was great doing business with them. Smooth and easy to deal with. But, somehow, i think they become a little greedy.. We are asked to drop by their office on certain day of the week, at a certain time of that day, kept us waiting. So many Merchants and claimants of vouchers at the same day and time. So if you were not able to be in line in their particular alloted time 3pm to 5pm , you need to go back again next week.

They had our money for a while and yet they still hold it not until you were able to get the check. Great one indeed!! Kabig ng kabig! We only earn a little. Merchants are on the loosing end with CCP. We stopped dealing with them. Not worth it. Hi, i would like to ask if you do have any negative reviews with dealstent. I saw one of their deals in travel deals and it really catched my attention to this package deal.

I really dont wanna waste my money and time. Really need an advise. Only Pisobid and Groupon pay on time. Discounted Deals is so far the worst group buying site I have joined although their marketing associates are nice. Pisobid is ok although there are only few buyers. BUT they really reply fast. Very good customer service, not only for merchants but with buyers as well. Groupon is the most professional GB site I have joined.

Everything is organized. Everything is documented. They pay ahead of time. They have very good marketing consultants, mine is Mr. He is so nice and assists his client very well. Thumbs up for Groupon! He knows because he was a merchant and Metrodeal said that it is a marketing strategy called bandwagon effect. All i know is they are the ones who feature products. Walang merchant partner. Sila lang yun. Yun kasi sabi nung marketing associate na nagaasikaso sa akin dati. Panget yang ganyan. Mahal nga sa kanila pag cinompare sa ibang GB site.

Yung sa CCP, may binili ako sa kanila recently. Tapos dapat ngayong August 5 ang start ng booking sa hotel. Nag-email naman ako dun sa hotel nung Aug 5 pero hindi pa nagrereply. Ewan ko lang. Wait na lang muna ako. Pero sana ok nga sila na group buying site. As for Ensogo, they displayed fake numbers for my deal. What a letdown! They convinced me the play the same spiel for my deal, where it showed on their website but the actual sales were only Capitalism in persona.

Hi Randy. The magic stays: Enchanted Kingdom, Laguna August 17, These were taken back when VGA cameras were the only mediums for decent point and shoot shots. Famous for its authentic Filipino food offerings, Kamayan Restaurant is one of the first restaurants to feature an all-Pinoy buffet in the country. Tres August 8, Amid the neverending sound and sight of water, the gray, the nationwide debility that surrounds this fresh morning, I remember it was on this day that we took that nerve-wracking plunge three years ago.

Wearing your baby August 6, Fact: Lia dislikes a lot of things. She doesn't like strollers. She doesn't like to be left by herself even when either parent is nearby. She doesn't like to be put down for more than 10 minutes, unless she's in the mood. She 's what you'd call a high-maintenance baby.

And at 5. Which is why babywearing is such a godsend. Babywearing with a ring sling at 1 month and baby carrier 3 months. How to run a command center at 3 months old August 4, Since two months old, Lia has increasingly become curious of computers. Whenever I or her Daddy's working on something on the PC or laptop, her eyes would be fixated on the screen, and soon, she began to tinker with the mouse and the keyboard. Now we know what she's up to when we're not looking. As one who is admittedly not a tech zealot and who hates browsing manuals, I found the Androids more toilsome to navigate than the simpler classic bar phones I used to own.

During that time too, the cheapest touchscreen phones average between P17, — P19, — a far cry from the P6,Elm. A recent phone accident however - which left my hapless phone with hairline cracks and chips - prompted me to reconsider. The Exclusive Breastfeeder August 2, In the 70s, it was considered an activity reserved mainly for hippies. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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